No-code hypothesis
validation for your startup

Nowadays, it is possible to be an entrepreneur and don’t know how to code.

For startups
You are testing hypotheses and selecting the best solution.
Prototype and test your idea quickly, cheap and without coding.

Our goal is to help you build a prototype as soon as possible and test your idea with minimum cost. It is based on a no-code approach that allows you to spend minimal resources and get results quickly.
For startups
Why do you need to test ideas?
A high speed testing hypothesis is vital for any startup. The sooner you test your idea, the faster you will find product-market fit and continue to grow your company. During the MVP phase, you have to test the product's viability and provide a solution to at least one customer’s pain. The no-code concept will help you spend less money on development.
Benefits of MVP:
Independence from developers fast hypothesis testing
How Does it Work?
Step #1 Product design sprint (In this step, we add to the team business expert analytic for your industry, create design vision, and Minimum Value Proposition)
Step #2 Scoping session (action plan, website, or app architecture layout)
Step #3 Building sprint our no-code scrum team make your MVP come true fast and easy
Step #4 Customer review and reference sprint
Step #5 Launch and support
Step #6 Fail? It’s normal, 99% of startups failed, learn, and repeat
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