Full stack development for
fast growing companies

For fast growing companies
Your company already has the product-market fit, now you need to create a high-quality, transparent product at a reasonable price.
For fast growing companies
Benefits from the full stack development:
A high speed testing hypothesis is vital for any startup. The sooner you test your idea, the faster you will find product-market fit and continue to grow your company. During the MVP phase, you have to test the product's viability and provide a solution to at least one customer’s pain. The no-code concept will help you spend less money on development.
How Does it Work?
Step #1 Pre-Project Consultation: Refine Ideas - Business goals - Assets Fit - Budget
Step #2 INVOLVE practical expert in your industry and business model (ADVANTAGE)
Step #3 OKR-sprint - We involve our technical team in the essence and objectives of the project
Step #4 Project offer, estimation, and involved team presentation stage
Step #5 Design & Architecture stage: User interface design, Prototyping, and Testing, Architecture plan
Step #6 Development: Agile Development - Sprints - Communications
Step #7 QA
Step #8 Maintenance/support
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