Upgraddy is the personalized conference search AI platform.
Upgraddy helps you to decide which conference is the best to go to in just 15 minutes
About the project
When traveling to professional conferences, you want to get the best experience. Not only the agenda and meeting schedule are important. Commute, restaurants around the venue, even leisure time are important. How to choose among thousands of thousands of events around the country? That is why we create Upgraddy – the service which helps to choose the right conference.
How it works

The client registers in the service and chooses which areas are interesting for them. Technology – based on AI helps to choose the best event.


Upgraddy provides not only a formal agenda but the best options for leisure activity after the conference day.
There are a lot of conferences online catalogs, but none of them are good advisors. Usually, top spots are taken for money, and potential visitors have too many choices to make best decisions.
How we helped
Upgraddy uses AI, asks a lot of questions, and makes best advise.
Personal account, flexible filters, and a lot of varied events in the catalog
Simple, intuitive, eye-pleasing!
Invest in your expertise in two clicks.

Collaborative Innovation

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