An advanced ERP system for barbershop, gym, and other networks that optimizes eCommerce and management processes.
A SaaS platform for eCommerce and resource-planning needs
About the project
One platform that covers clients’ needs and resource management makes many business processes so much easier, especially when you have a network of gyms, barbershops, or other businesses.

Pitbull comprises a mobile app for customers and a web admin panel for managers.

The mobile app offers customers the benefits of self-service checking schedules, booking specialists for individual procedures and group training, canceling them, purchasing products, etc. At the same time, the admin panel is an ecosystem for specialists, administrators, managers, and accountants, where they can manage clients and resources, create, edit and delete data on products, specialists, loyalty programs, activities, etc.
How it works
Selection and booking

Convenient barbershop or gym location selection and functionality for booking individual procedures and group training.

Cancellation and money return

Users can cancel their in-app bookings and get a partial or full refund depending on the cancellation date and conditions.

Staff and client management

The admin panel automates and optimizes resource management and eCommerce processes.

Statistics, accounting, and reporting
Statistical and accounting data is visualized as graphs and charts. The system also generates reports in PDF and online formats.
Creating an MVP that includes business analytics, product UI/UX design, development, and testing within only two and a half months is not the easiest task.
How we helped
We created a matrix of customizable staff roles, advanced booking and scheduling, report generation, integrated payment and emailing systems, covered all cancellation logic scenarios, etc.

Collaborative Innovation

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