A SaaS platform where local car rental services can get clients without creating and promoting their own websites.
A marketplace for luxury car rental services in Great Britain
About the project
LuxGo is a perfect SaaS solution for car rental companies. This web platform doesn’t have a complex set of functionalities and features, making it as user-friendly as possible. It allows users to find a luxury car for rent in Great Britain for a particular date and rental period.

Users don’t need to register to see what cars are presented on the platform. However, if they want to rent a specific luxury car, they need to register and specify information like driver’s license, insurance, fines, etc. Based on this information, the system calculates an individual rent price.

It is one of those cases when a simple eCommerce solution is more efficient than the complex one.
How it works
Just browsing

You don’t need to register and log in if you just want to see what luxury vehicles are available for rent.


Users who want to rent a car must create a personal account and enter their driver’s license, insurance, traffic fines, and accidents if they occurred in the past.

Users can select location (city, town, etc.), vehicle class, and a rental period when booking a car.

Based on traffic fines, accidents, insurance, and other information, the system calculates individual prices for each user. The platform uses the Stripe payment service.
No challenges. The project was nothing but delight!
How we helped
We created a simple and convenient marketplace with secure payment processing for luxury car rental companies in Great Britain.

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