A mobile SaaS solution that helps students get assistance in different fields of knowledge and pay a reasonable price for it.
An eLearning marketplace to share and monetize knowledge
About the project
Lessons is a unique eLearning platform that helps students find assistance with difficult tasks. Now, instead of panicking, students can get in touch with a teacher, lecturer, or a senior who can help them with their homework, essay, term paper, etc.

Users can upload files in any format. The system uses various cloud solutions for file storage and allows downloading.

In addition to selling knowledge as a service, users can sell it as a product as well. Users have everything needed for monetizing their intellectual property like books, designs, etc. Stripe payment system and administrators ensure the service quality and honesty between platform users. Searching, one-to-one messaging, commenting, rating items and other users, reporting, adding users to the blacklist, and many other functionalities are available on Lessons.
How it works
Order creation

Write what you need, specify the field of expertise, and set the price and deadline so that other users can offer you their help.


The app has a reverse auction model, so users can place bids for the tasks they want to take.

Payment and refund

Stripe payment system ensures payment and refund processing safety for all app users.


In addition to earning money for their professional assistance, users can sell their intellectual property like books, manuals, graphs, etc.


The system has a developed set of in-app notifications that covers all possible scenarios.
It is one of our oldest projects, and it was our first experience in mobile marketplace development.
How we helped
As an eLearning platform, Lessons helps students get better grades for their homework and tasks. What we did was creating a hub where people who desperately need help with their tasks can meet experts in the required field and pay for their assistance.

Collaborative Innovation

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