An eCommerce platform that covers retail, logistics, storage, delivery, management, accounting, and many other business needs.
An online supermarket with its own storage and delivery systems
About the project
Foodex24 is a modern-age solution for the retail industry. Food, drinks, and household products can now be easily and safely purchased online and delivered within a chosen timeline.

The platform includes a mobile app for customers, a complex web platform for managers, mobile solutions for storage workers and couriers, etc.

The synchronization of platform compounds ensures smooth order processing, resource and product management, etc. In addition, integrations with payment, notification, and even government systems make the platform satisfy modern customer’s needs.

As an advanced independent online supermarket with its own developed ecosystem, Foodex24 has everything for retail and wholesale sales.
How it works
Online ordering

Users can purchase food items, drinks, and household products and get their orders delivered within the chosen timeline.

Logistics and delivery

Drivers and couriers have the necessary digital solutions for tracking, barcode scanning, etc.

Storage and warehousing

The platform has integration with warehouse control, payment, and accounting systems.

Integration with the government platform

Integration with the governmental Diia service makes purchasing products like alcohol customer-friendly and secure.

Product and resource management

The admin panel has all required features for eCommerce, tech support, accounting, resource management, order tracking, etc.
The biggest challenge was to create the platform’s MVP from scratch within 14 days. As a result, we released Foodex24 one day ahead of schedule!
How we helped
We provided more than web and mobile development services. We created the entire business from scratch, including business model selection, market research, marketing, tech support, logistics, warehousing solutions, etc.

Collaborative Innovation

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