A digital solution for restaurants that optimizes and improves staff management, customer service, billing, and other processes.
Restaurant management tool for high-quality service and efficiency
About the project
Restaurants are doomed without digital solutions like Fantasty. This restaurant management tool optimizes all customer service processes and offers interface customization.

Our solution allows restaurants and their administrators to manage menu items and their availability so the waiters can access all menu-related information. With this platform, waiters and cooks can place and see essential and specific order details.

In addition to convenient order status and bill tracking and editing, the system creates separate bills for the kitchen and bar. As for the customers, they can enjoy the automatic bill split-up feature, so they don’t need to waste time on calculations.
How it works
Separate bills for one table

A convenient functionality that allows each guest to pay separately for their order.

App design customization

A restaurant can request to change the app color to their corporate one.

Work synchronization

Depending on their roles and permissions, administrators, waiters, and cooking staff can view and edit order status, manage the number of guests, etc., to work in sync.

Tables management

Administrators can create and manage tables to eliminate the cases of the waiter serving the wrong table.
It was one of the projects with no challenges.
How we helped
By creating the Fantasty restaurant management platform, we reduced the number of complaints regarding service quality and speed. Also, we helped to balance and harmonize the work of administrators, waiters, chefs, and cooking staff.

Collaborative Innovation

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