A web and mobile service where any person can get personalized video greetings from their favorite local celebrities
Get heartwarming video greetings from local celebrities
About the project
Many people want to get in touch with a beloved actor, singer, influencer, blogger, or famous role model at least once in their lives. Dwizh mobile app makes this dream come true. Any user can select a local celebrity from fields like music, acting, sports, business, stand-up comedy, and many others and request them to create a personalized video greeting for themselves, friends, co-workers, or family members.

At the same time, celebrities who enjoy communicating with their fans can be closer to them as well as have an additional source of income.

The app is extra simple and convenient for both users and celebrities because no exceptional conditions are needed to place a request and fulfill it!
How it works

In addition to traditional registration and login, you can enter the platform via Google or Facebook accounts.

Request placement

Choose a celebrity, select an addressee and occasion, place a short comment, and leave your email or phone number.

Video creation and validation

Celebrities only need a smartphone and the app to receive requests, make short video greetings, and upload them to the system. Managers monitor the quality of all videos.

Watching the video greeting

When the video is uploaded, a user gets a notification and can watch it in their personal account, send, download, or share it on social media like Facebook and Twitter.
Providing an individual approach to each celebrity is a bit challenging, but nothing’s impossible for us.
How we helped
We created an MVP from scratch within three months, integrated automated payment and emailing systems, and developed a personalized approach to every celebrity on the platform.
Request Placement
Simple and intuitive interface makes placing video requests a piece of cake!
Your Celebrity Account
Fill out the application to join other celebrities on Dwizh and send video greetings to your fans.
Browse Profiles
Check profiles and promo videos of your beloved actors, singers, athletes, comedians, entrepreneurs, and others.

Collaborative Innovation

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