B2B fintech - a rewards-based business card for merchants and small businesses
The next generation of corporate cards with an integrated loyalty system
About the project
With the advent of new technologies, traditional banking is increasingly in need of improvement. A mobile app should be able to do more than just report account balance. Corporate cards can be more than just a means of payment. ComCard is the next generation of corporate cards with an integrated loyalty system.

We helped the ComCard team provide the business community with simple, innovative financial tools to keep achieving greatness in the digital world and doing what they love. During our partnership, we have built corporate identities, brand strategies, websites, mobile apps, and web platforms for businesses and vendors.
How it works
Main objective

ComCard is a service that helps to save money on the purchase of raw materials. Business owners open bank accounts and get corporate cards for themselves and their employees. The card allows getting increased cashback for chosen categories.


The company owner and employees receive an increased cashback in interesting areas. For instance, construction companies get valuable proposals from the building material suppliers. Users receive cashback and rewards for making purchases from merchants in its network and spending at sites that supply businesses, like hardware stores.
The main challenge for the Comcard project was to combine dissimilar services and create a complete solution for all parties involved suitable for all platforms.
How we helped
We didn’t just do the job but helped to build the business together. Our team influenced the product, marketing, etc. Solvencer created branding, brand strategy, and corporate identity. We went this way through the shoulder to shoulder and got a service useful for all participants. Merchants reduce acquisition costs, and businesses get. Comcard cards provide layers of security, fraud protection, and expense management that debit cards do not.
Personal accounts
We developed the whole ecosystem with 2 types of personal accounts: for businesses and merchants. Accounts work on the web platform and via mobile app.
Advanced search
Users can search the map to find posts in their area, view a list of posts that match their needs, message other users to coordinate pickups, and more.
Resource management
You can manage a company, trucks, drivers, create tickets and completely manage the logistics of your company.

Collaborative Innovation

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